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RE:V | BAILY 'KOTA' EVANS by Reiki-kun RE:V | BAILY 'KOTA' EVANS by Reiki-kun

aah decided to try out for this awesome looking group , every one should check it out it looks really neat ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
RE:V | Baily Sprite- by Reiki-kun

Name: Baily 'Kota' Evans
Nickname: Kota
Age: eighteen
Gender: Male
Height: 167cm || 5"6 
Weight: 52 kg || 114 lbs
Birthdate & Star Sign: January 9th || Capricorn
District: Nakasu 
Education/Job:  3rd year at Narashino High  || Jobless
Team:  RE:V | EYESORE by MidNightsCastedAngel
Tag Tattoo Location: Back of his neck


RE:V | COIL Bandit by Reiki-kun  
    - Name:
    - spiecies: Natterer's Bat | Male 
    - other:
when in sleep mode Bandit tends to cling to Baily's back.
            - most of the time bandit is quiet to strangers, but likes to argue with baily.    even tough bandit was partly programmed to look over baily and make                 sure he doesn't get in trouble with the authorities, this isn't the easiest job and baily often tells bandit to , "let it go", "loosen up"
                or "stop nagging".

Personality:  | Carefree |Big mouth/Loud | Energetic | Action before thinking | Nice when he likes you otherwise he can come off as Rude |  

Growing up in a place where his father provided everything he wants has gotten him bored and he'd rather hang out on the streets,
he has a big mouth and is pretty rude in his ways even when he means well, also is he quick to curse.

He Often thinks he's right about everything even when he is not and it might take some effort to get him to admit he is in the wrong, and sincerely apologize if needed.
He almost always acts before thinking, definitely a 'man of action' as he says so himself...but This almost never ends well and gets himself in some sort of problematic situation.

He has some problems starting up in the morning especially on school days but once awake Baily is a very energetic person,
always in for the craziest of things and never to turn down a battle/fight or chance to play a prank.

His best friend is Bandit his bat-type allmate, most people don't find a bat cute at all but most people aren't baily, he loves the little fluffy bat and spoils him,
often brushing him with a toothbrush or feeding him little snacks which ends up in him being told by bandit that he doesn't need these things.  (though he does not oppose the brushing).

Baily isn't the best at making friends since he quickly comes off as rude, but he often means well, and once on good terms with a person you'll see he is actually pretty nice.
But Still loud and rude tough

Also he might have a little trouble understanding the meaning of personal space when he is interested in something, causing him to ask a bunch of questions or even taking it without asking.


Baily has lived almost all his live in the Nakasu district, he and his father moved there when baily was still very young (age four) after his mothers disappearance.
Baily's father always told him that his mom was not able to handle baily's dad only being focused on his career as a writer and not having any eye for his wife.
While he later found out the woman just ran away to be someone's mistress. Baily never really cared for the woman since he never got to know her well.
And had no problem growing up with only his father to take care of him.

He had rather peaceful youth and grew up in a nice single parent environment, his dad and him are very close thanks to this even tough Baily is now being rebellious
He still cares for his dad and are on good terms.
His dad being rather protective over his only son places him in private schools from the very beginning. Wanting to make sure his boy got good education he believed this to be the best.

Baily did not complain once he hit 12 he started to become pretty bored in this 'save environment.
His father tried to keep him from being a so called 'problem child' by spoiling him even more, which ended in baily being gifted an All mate; Bandit.
This kept Baily busy for a while and focused on his school work once more.
Slowly he got in contact with the whole happening named 'Rhyme' and decided to register, he did not know anyone belonging to a specific group so he started out and is still a so called  no-mark. Which doesn't form a problem for him, this way he can do what he wants to do. (yet secretly he wishes to play rhyme with more people on his side)

at 15 he demanded to be transferred to a public school, feeling that he would fit in there way better then he did with the other teens at his then school.
After a little thinking his father gave in anyway, and thus baily started his public highschool live.

Being much of a brat he doesn't have the best attendance record but he managed to make it into his 3rd year.
He often skips lessons to watch or participate in a rhyme fight,

His dad finally telling him he should act more responsibilities stated baily needs to find a job or decide on a college he wants to attend or no more allowance.
Baily hasn't made any progress on finding a job or college as his priorities lie with hanging on the streets and rhyme together with bandit.

     #Bandit: Likes to dress him in matching accessories, His best mate. Always trusts him blindly where every he goes.

-  has a extreme sweet tooth
  -  He loves horror and gore things even tough it leaves him scared to death and not being able to sleep with the lights off.
  -  Game arcades or just gaming.
  -  he loves to practice parkour even tough he is not that good yet. ( he likes to practice in secret)  
  -  Energetic people,
  -  bright colors

  - looking for a job
  - needing to be all serious
  - Re-dying his hair ( he is blonde from nature ) 
  - When bandit pulls a hole in his clothes from hanging on them.

Additional Information:
- Baily's mother is Japanese and his father is English, his surname and first name  comes from his fathers side and  kota is his second name picked by his mother, which he likes to use as an alias or nickname when he doesn't want to give out his first name.
 - Tends to argue with Bandit when he is bored.
 - His hood shows the same face print as the little logo on his chest and side of his shoes.
 - even tough he likes to skip school, he isn't dumb. He just has no motivation to go trough with school or get a job.
 - as stated before he is a natural blonde and likes to dye his hair.
 - Bilingual ;fluently in japanese and english
App template and bio basics (c) re--volution
character ,art and profile (c) Reiki-kun
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tooaya Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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i simply have no words omg  i love your style so much! i hope i can do Raven some justice in the horoscope thing!!
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